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Why Madrid? …. A Real Estate investment opportunity

Why Madrid? …. A Real Estate investment opportunity


The amount of foreign investment in Madrid, whether to live or invest, has experienced exponential growth in recent years, mainly due to economic stability.

Spain has become one of the countries of the European Union that is growing faster, so do the real estate investments that are being made in Madrid, from countries such as China, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, England and the United States.

The first step to buying a property is to define what your interests and / or needs are. The main reason why it is invested more and more in Spain’s capital, is to have a second residence, and, second, to invest because currently in the real estate market in Madrid, it is possible to find good properties with a high profitability and great potential for revaluation, since the market is constantly growing. In addition, it must be said that Madrid is one of the European capitals where it is cheaper to invest in real estate. For this reason, it is also one of the cities with more foreign investment.

If you decide to make a real estate investment in Spain, you must know that Madrid, being the capital, is where the headquarters of the main financial institutions of the country are concentrated. You can also find the most innovative companies, together with large multinationals, without forgetting that political and administrative power is concentrated in the Villa de Madrid. The most important universities in our country are located in the city. It has great infrastructure, good communications, both nationally and internationally and is the epicenter of national trade, as well as having a growing services sector that has seen its business volume thanks to tourism.

Madrid is a city open to the world and very welcoming. It offers its inhabitants and all its visitors a wide variety of cultural offerings ranging from exhibitions in the best museums, plays of international prestige, opera, along with a variety of cinemas, etc. In addition, you can find the most exclusive stores and the most prestigious and recognized firms worldwide, in the well-known «Golden Mile» and we can not forget the great gastronomic offer available. Furter to all this, one of Madrid’s strengths is the safety of its streets. One of the favorite activities of locals and tourists is to stroll through its streets, discover the most emblematic corners of the city, walk or play sports in the Retiro Park and finish at the Temple of Debod, admiring its wonderful sunsets.


Gema Southgate

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